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Little Buddy Toys: Kirby Parasol 6" Plush - Galactic Toys & Collectibles

Little Buddy Toys: Kirby Parasol 6" Plush

Little Buddy Toys

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Parasol is a copy ability that has appeared in numerous Kirby games, first seen in Kirby's Adventure. Parasol is a deceptively simple, harmless looking ability that allows Kirby to use a red and white-striped, star-tipped parasol as a weapon. It can slow his fall from high places and protect his head from most attacks. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, the Ability Scroll for Parasol can make Kirby able to fire a short-ranged beam of star-like projectiles from the tip of the parasol. However, most of its attacks are comparatively weak to other abilities, making it difficult to use at times. Parasol is one of the few abilities to never have Kirby wearing a hat, other than many of the final abilities like Star Rod. It is one of the few abilities that may be used in water. Its handle comes in four color variations: pink, blue, white and green.
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