ABYstyle Abysse America One Piece - Luffy & Chopper Action Figure Twin-Pack
$ 19.20
ABYstyle OBYZ One Piece - Monkey D Luffy 5" Action Figure
$ 9.99

ABYstyle OBYZ One Piece - Baggy Buggy 5.5" Action Figure

$ 9.99
Type: Abystyle
SKU: 819065020041
Don't let his clown-like appearance fool you: Buggy is a pirate captain and foe of Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew! This articulated action figure by ABYstyle stands in at 5.5" tall and features a removable cape and interchangeable parts--Buggy's head, legs, and arms can be taken apart and reconstructed. As One Piece fans will know, he gained the ability to separate and control his body parts after eating the Bara Bara Devil fruit!