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Kaiyodo Revoltech Gurren Lagann (Gurren Wing Equipped) LR-052 Action Figure


Gurren Lagann, the protagonist Gurren Lagann makes a comeback! Gurren Lagann joins Legacy of Revoltech in the Gurren wing equipped form. -The large Gurren wings are included along with the flying action gimmicks. The articulated parts of the wing use 6mm double joints and can be posed in various flight forms. -For dynamic movement 19 of the articulated parts use revolver joints to express extraordinary actions. -The torso uses and 10mm joint. Articulating the torso means the expression of the Gurren face on the chest can be changed. -The back cover of the shin uses a 6mm joint. When bending the knee it slides to increase the expression of articulation. -The Gurren boomerang on the chest can be exchanged with another chest part and used or equipped. -It includes the vital item, a Core Drill in a size which can be used by you as an accessory or attached to a joint of the figure to create the big drill equipped Gurran Lagann. -Includes the Gurren boomerang, hot-blooded head, 4 types of alternative hand parts and more.
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