Bandai Hobby SD EX-Standard The Witch from Mercury Gundam Aerial SD Model Kit | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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Bandai Spirits Gundam Wing HGAC Gundam Heavyarms HG 1/144 Model Kit | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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Bandai Hobby HGCE Aile Strike Gundam HG 1/144 Scale Model Kit

$ 15.95
Type: Gundam
SKU: 4573102587794
The first heroic Gundam from the Gundam Seed appears again! Part of the All Gundam project which seeks to bring new modern kits from older Gundam titles, the Aile Strike shares a common construction with other kits to allow for part swapping and easy customization. Utilizing parts and sleek new proportion from the HG Build Strike Gundam, the Aile Strike features unrivaled range of motion and sharpness of detail compared to its past incarnations! 2 beam sabers, 2 armor Schneider's, beam rifle, shield and Aile Pack that can be detached are included. Runner x9, Foil sticker x1, Instruction Manual x1.