Citadel Base: Averland Sunset
$ 4.55
Citadel Terrain - Citadel Skulls
$ 25.50

Citadel Backpack by Ultra PRO (Black with Silver Trim)

$ 91.77
Type: CitadelCases
SKU: 074427853501
For the constantly traveling gamer and convention goer, the Ultra PRO Citadel Backpack is the perfect store n' go solution! The Citadel is a heavy duty backpack designed to carry all your gaming supplies and much, much more. With a large central cavity that can fit several Deck Boxes, PRO-Binders and even an Ultra PRO Cub3, you can be sure to bring all the games and components to your next gaming session. The bottom of the Citadel is lined with water resistant materials to prevent water puddles from soaking into the bag.