Copic Sketch Marker Grays, Neutral Gray N1
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Copic Sketch Marker Grays, Warm Gray W5
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Copic Sketch Marker Grays, Neutral Gray N5

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COPIC MARKERS-Copic Sketch. With its outstanding performance and creative versatility the Copic Marker System provides the ultimate solution to design flexibility and artistic liberty. These markers are fast drying; double-ended; non-toxic marker that come in a vast variety of colors. They are refillable; constructed in a unique design for a more comfortable grip and so they will not roll away from you; fit into a special airbrush system; durable polyester nibs are easily interchangeable and available in nine different weights and styles; electronic production guarantees consistency of both color and output; Precise and positive colored capping system provides for instant color selection; COPIC markers are used by artists and designers worldwide. Imported.