Kotobukiya Mecha Supply Weapon Unit 40 M.S.G. Multi Caliber Model Kit
$ 3.95
Kotobukiya Modeling Support Goods MSG Weapon Unit 35 Energy Shield Model Kit
$ 3.95

Kotobukiya Modeling Support Goods MSG Heavy Weapon Unit 19 Solid Raptor Model Kit

$ 7.95 Regular price $ 12.95
SKU: 4934054261109
Following the popular item "Heavy Weapon Unit 11 Killer Beeke", Heavy weapon featuring an autonomous fighter concept appeared. "Solid shield" to be the main unit expressed the canopy with "clear material". Internal details can be assembled from "cockpit seat type" and "artificial intelligence type" selectively. It can also be used as an extended part such as a frame arm or hexagia such as a forward wing with a missile and a jet engine. * Solid shield × 1 * Jet engine × 2 * Swing hanger × 2 * Advance wings with missiles × 2 * Drop tank × 1 * Grip × 1

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