DSPIAE 06 Acrylic Metallic Gold Soft Tipped Marker
$ 2.95

DSPIAE MS-01 Craft Tools Charybdis Magnetic Hobby Paint Mixer

$ 19.95
SKU: 6970845565863
This product can be powered by both USB cable or AAA battery (2). WARNING: Never use a mobile phone fast charger to supply power to this product. USB mode (10,000 rotation speed) REQUIRES a 5v 1A power source to supply the power. Battery mode (6,000 rotation speed) requires 1.5v AAA Batteries (2). If the mixing bottle does not have a flat/even bottom, the mixing can be affected. When using this product, ensure the paint bottle caps are screwed on tightly to prevent splatter. Approximate size is 97 x 96 x 28 mm. Includes magnetic paint mixer, usb power cable, non-slip mat for paint bottle, magnetic stirring rod(20), and user manual.