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CMON: Arcadia Quest : Frost Dragon Expansion Pack

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The game comes with a large Dragon Mini, new loot cards, new tiles and the new type of cards, "Dragonstone cards". After finishing a campaign, the players will get a new load out of Level 6 Upgrade cards, with a budget that is based on the amount of medals each guild completed during the campaign. This last part of the fight doesn’t have PvP Quest Cards and all players have to kill the Dragon before he wrecks too much of the city! This is a fully cooperative fight, in which the players win as a group if they manage to kill the Dragon and they lose if too many parts of the city have been destroyed, or if the Dragon kills Heroes so much that they can’t find the resolve to continue the fight. In this ultimate showdown, the Dragon is controlled by a special set of Dragon Turn cards that will trigger special attacks and movements from the Frost Dragon. Players will need to make tough choices in the face of the Dragon's actions.