Kotobukiya M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 27 Demonic Arm Model Kit
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Bandai Kyoukai Senki Jo Hound HG 1/72 Scale Model Kit | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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Sanei Pokemon All Star Collection PP28 Ampharos 8-inch Stuffed Plush

$ 19.95
Type: Plush
SKU: 4905330033383
Ampharos is a yellow, bipedal Pokémon with a white belly. It has conical ears with black stripes and a red orb on its forehead. Its long neck has several black rings around it near the base. Its stubby arms resemble flippers and each foot has a single white nail. The orb on its tail can shine so bright, that it can be seen from space. Approximately 8" H x 6.5" L x 5" W.