(PRE-ORDER July 2023) Bandai Spirits 30 Minute Sisters Option Body Parts Type S04 Color C Model Kit | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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(PRE-ORDER July 2023) Bandai Hobby Planosaurus Mosasaurus Model Kit

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PRE-ORDER: Expected July 2023 The Mosasaurus, the ruler of the Cretaceous sea, is now available from the "Planosaurus" brand, which allows you to "know all about" dinosaurs by assembling them yourself while building each dinosaur's skeleton and skin one by one! Mosasaurus, a marine reptile, is said to have been covered with fine scales similar to those of iguanas and monitor lizards, and expresses fine and delicate skin modeling. A display pedestal is included that allows you to display her in her swimming form. Mouth opening and closing, fins, neck and tail are all movable, allowing you to recreate swimming poses.