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Bandai Hobby Gundam Wing P-BANDAI Tallgeese II / 2 EW RG 1/144 Model Kit


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Premium-Bandai Webshop Exclusive. From "Mobile Suit Gundam G Wandom W", Trazz Kushrinada's exclusive aircraft "Targis II" is commercialized in the RG series. Adopted new modeling parts in part, thoroughly reproduce the aircraft shape conforming to the setting. Completely recreating the body shape of Tallgis II with new shaping! Heroic face part, voluminous head top part is reproduced by new modeling. The red felt color of the mask is also reproduced by part division. Reproduced in molded colors based on blue, such as fuselage, waist, backpack. Three-dimensional by RG compliant coloring based on setting. Hands hand parts which overlapped both hands in new modeling are attached. Representation of 'Torngis II' emerging scene with 'Dover gun'. 1/144 scale "Traces Cushrinada" figure comes with new modeling. A newly designed realistic decal is included.
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