Hasegawa Macross VT-1 Super Ostrich 1/72 Scale Model Kit
$ 43.95
Bandai Hobby Gundam MS-06F Zaku II RG 1/144 Model Kit
$ 43.95

Hasegawa Macross VE-1 Elintseeker 1/72 Scale Model Kit

$ 43.95
Type: Hasegawa
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Hasegawa is really doing a great job on this series of Valkyries. The quality they are so famous for shows from the second you get the box. Cover art by Hidetaka Tenjin which alone is worth the price. This is the VE-1 "Elintseeker" (Electronic Intelligence) variant of the aircraft with armor, FAST packs and bristling with electronic gear used for tracking, intelligence gathering and jamming. Crisp detail thoughout. Panel lines are finely engraved. Swing wings operate. Exhausts can be posed. Sensor packs, landing gear bays all have detail. Assembly Required.