NECA Hellraiser Ultimate Pinhead 7" Scale Action Figure
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Dungeons & Dragons - D&D - Icons of the Realms: Rage of Demons Booster Pack
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Nord Games: Game Master's Toolbox - Critical Hit Deck for Players

$ 11.99
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This 52 card deck introduces new and exciting critical hit effects to your 5th Edition game for the players to use against their enemies; short term penalties, devastating wounds, spectacular executions and more! When you land a crushing blow with your mighty weapon, draw a random card from the deck for even more action! This deck contains a huge variety of exciting and flavorful outcomes to the critical hits the players deal to monsters and NPCs! The Critical Hit Pack for Players includes: 52 cards for players to use against the GM 4 different outcomes per card (depending on damage type) 208 awesome critical hit outcomes!