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4 Pocket Zipfolio Xenoskin Deck Case, White
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Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Playmat the Flower of Love Board Games

$ 17.66
Type: Board Game
SKU: 091037863195
In Munchkin, as in love, if you play your cards right you’ll get ahead. Munchkin playmat: the flower of love makes it easy by providing a special spot for each of your cards on the table, much like you have a special spot in your heart for the one you love; there may even be space for all the chocolates and roses you get for Valentine’s day. You will be smitten with this playmat as soon as it catches your eye - and it might just save your life with its bonus rule! bonus rule: once per game, you may play a monster from your hand to add its level to your side in combat by discarding the number of treasures printed on its card.