Bandai Hobby Gundam MS-06F Zaku II RG 1/144 Model Kit
$ 43.95
Funko Pop! Sanrio Hello Kitty (Anniversary) Chase with 8-Bit Pink Bow and Heart Buddy
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Volks Super Wing Series U.S. Navy A-1H Skyraider 1/32 Scale Model Kit

$ 147.95
SKU: 4518992229256
This amazing model kit from Volks bundles together their insanely detailed Super Wing Series A-1H Skyraider, as flown by the U.S. Navy, and a set of extra weapons! The highlight is the R3350 engine, with its organically entangled exhaust pipes and double row of 18 cylinders. The engine cowling and front shutter can be opened and closed, too, so you can admire that monster engine after assembly.The propeller is also something special. Zoukei Mura conducted new research on existing machines (not just relying on photos and manuals) which revealed the fact that there's a single line on the back of the prop -- a feature added to this model kit for the highest level of accuracy. Due to being a ship-based aircraft, the A-1H features especially thick and powerful landing gear. The landing gear can be built in two states of expansion and contraction; details such as the main wing spar and rib structure on the back of the wing that can be seen from the inside of the main landing gear storage are also visible! The canopy faithfully reproduces the bubble shape, and two types of cockpit are included, as is the option to build it with or without the seat belt. Thanks to the incredible amount of interior features, building an SWS kit is almost like building a real aircraft! This is something that the SWS series of kits is known for; check out the complex movable mechanism in the wings, which moves smoothly at the same angle as the actual aircraft, without impairing the beautiful lines of the wing. Take a close look at the rib expression on the back side of the outer plate, the solid bulkhead and auxiliary equipment such as wireless devices, optional external fuel tank, etc. The amount of detail is almost dizzying! The plane's armaments are also precisely expressed. In addition to the M3/20mm cannon and mounting belt, a set of optional weapons is also included, which can be loaded onto the wing pylons. The bomb set contains many warheads of the type that were adopted by the U.S. Navy since the time the Skyraider first entered service, and you can freely change the equipment as you like.