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Westminster - MAGICIAN in a TIN (over 25 Magic Tricks to Astound Your Friends)


Stage magic, the use of illusions or tricks to entertain, is one of the oldest performing arts in the world. Books on magic tricks date back to the 15th century. Modern entertainment magic came into its own when Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin opened a magic theater in Paris in 1845. With the introduction of television, magic moved from the theater to the home, bringing the art of magic to a larger audience. Magic tricks can be categorized by their effect. Production - making something appear from thin air, vaniching, transformation, transportation, and prediction are just a few of the effect achieved with magic tricks. Astound and amaze your friends with a collection of over twenty-five (25) magic tricks in Magician in a Tin! Magic trick instructions booklet included. Compact metal tin with props to put on a mini magic show. Great for beginners to learn the basics or great for the experienced.
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