DSPIAE NP-04 Leather Protector For Nippers ( Brown )
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GodHand NC1 Original Nipper Cap Replacement Cover | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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GodHand NS-PB Plastic Nipper Stand

$ 29.95
Type: GodHand
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Tools such as nippers and pliers that tend to become cluttered during work can be stored stylishly and safely. Organize your workspace and improve your production efficiency! Up to 5 nippers or pliers can be stored on this stand. The stand is made of highly flexible resin, so it is difficult to break. The bottom of the stand is ideal for storing pen-type tools such as pin vise, or hobby knives that can easily roll off your table. Up to 7 can be stored at once! Approximate size: Height: 190mm (7.5"), Width 115mm (4.5"), Depth 100mm (4").