Kawada Nanoblock (Mini-Nano) Collection Pokémon Electric Type Set No.1 | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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Kawada Nanoblock (Mini-Nano) Collection Pokémon Fire Type Set No.1 | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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Kawada Nanoblock (Mini-Nano) Collection Pokemon Normal Type Set No.1

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Type: Nanoblock
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Pokémon Type Normal Set 1 is a blind box complete set of 6 unique characters! Each Pokémon stands approximately 1.38" tall This complete box contains one of each (a complete set) and include: Eevee, Swablu, Munchlax, Chatoto, Bewear, and Porygon Note: Warning, small pieces. Keep away from small children/animals.