Tomy Pokemon Sun & Moon Popplio 8" Basic Stuffed Plush
$ 11.95
Tomy Pokemon Sun & Moon Mimikyu 8" Basic Plush
$ 14.95

TOMY Pokemon Rowlet Dartrix Decidueye Evolution Figure Set

$ 24.95
SKU: 053941190767
This unique set will allow you to bring home the first partner Rowlets evolutions. Get ready for action with these 3 in-scale figures! Grass-type Rowlet 2 highly detailed figure is posed for battle. Dartrix, the evolved form of Rowlet, is a highly detailed 3 figure with 5 points of articulation. Decidueye, Rowlets final evolution, is a 5 highly articulated figure. With its 14 points of articulation, it will be a favorite for new Alolan fans as well as all-time Pokémon lovers. Suitable for ages 4 years and up.