(PRE-ORDER November 2022) Bandai S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Belial Figure | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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(PRE-ORDER: Q1 2023) Bandai Dragon Ball Z Ichibansho Super Saiyan Trunks (Vs. Omnibus Ultra) | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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(PRE-ORDER November 2022) Bandai S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Geed Primitive Action Figure

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PRE-ORDER: Expected to ship in late November 2022. A definitive portrayal sculpted with the cooperation of Tsuburaya Productions staff! Featuring accurate proportions, it was sculpted to ensure that it could take dynamic poses to let you replicate on-screen action! In fact the entire shoulder joint system was reworked to ensure that it could be posed without sacrificing the appearance. Includes an effect part for re-creating Ultraman Geed Primitive's dynamic "Wrecking Burst" attack. The set includes three optional pairs of hands, the Wrecking Burst effect, and optional color timer.