GodHand Kamiyasu KS5-P400 Sanding Sponge Sandpaper 5mm #400 Grit (4 pcs)
$ 6.95
GodHand ES-90 Stainless Steel Hobby Edge File for Sanding Plastic
$ 33.95

Bandai Spirits Sanding Stick File Set (Mini)

$ 8.95
SKU: 4573102620040
This set of mini-sized stick files gives you different degrees of roughness, plus a handy size that allows you to smooth out even the smallest areas on your model kits! Their moderate flexibility makes them incredibly versatile, and you get three types of roughness: #400, #600 and #1000, to meet all your modeling needs. You get three files each of the three types, for a total of nine files.