GodHand Kamiyasu KS2-P600 Sanding Sponge Sandpaper 2mm #600 Grit (5 pcs) | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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Madworks SP3-400 3mm Model Sanding Sponge #400 400 Grit 2cm x 7cm 10pc | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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GodHand KY-4B Sanding Paper Water Resistant Sandpaper Assortment B

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Highly durable paper file with improved strength and water resistance by soaking "resin" in the paper part. Since it has improved water resistance even compared to normal water resistant paper, it is difficult to tear even if it gets wet with water. Works great with GodHand FF Boards filing plates. Each sheet is 93.5mm by 228mm. Assortment A includes 1 1000-grit, 1 1200-grit, 1 1500-grit, and 1 2000-grit sheet.