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Steiff 12" Stuffed Zebra - Delightful Plush Cuddly Stuffed Animal - Authentic German Made Steiff


Stripie, the creme-coloured playmate standing at 30 cm, brings a breath of fresh air to your child's bedroom. Bean bags at his seat, paws and soles ensure stable support. His mane and tail have been decorated with a lovely ribbon. The fun striped patterns on his ears, soles, paws, face and tail will inspire your child to grab and play with him. Brand New Steiff Stripie Zebra Soft Cuddly Friends Plush The fabulously contemporary, Medium Stripie Zebra from Steiff's Soft Cuddly Friends Range, is ideal for those sensory exploring little hands and wee fingers. Stripie Zebra is 30cm / 12" tall and sewn from a super soft and luxurious, thin stripe tufted, cream plush, with velvet touch patterned accents for his eye mask, hooves and inner ears, plus silky satin loops for his mane and tail end. Twinkling black safety eyes, with embroidered nostrils and a wide smile, along with a kissable muzzle add much delight, whilst his scrummy tummy and hooves have been safely and securely filled with bean bags, for that gorgeously comforting, squidgy soft feel. The fun master of disguise.
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