IMS The Five Star Stories FSS S.S.I.Kubalkans the BANG 1/144 Scale Model Kit
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IMS The Five Star Stories FSS K.O.G. The Knight of Gold Delta Berunn 3007 1/100 Scale Model Kit
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IMS The Five Star Stories FSS K.O.G. The Knight of Gold A-T Type D2 Mirage 1/100 Scale Model Kit

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Type: Mecha Models
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The Knight of Gold (K.O.G.), the insignia Mortar Headd of the A.K.D. led by Emperor Amaterasu, the god of light and protagonist of Five Star Stories, was lost along with Lachesis, and was rebuilt by Amaterasu for Lachesis' sister, Atropos as the second version of the K.O.G., the Knight of Gold A-T. Distinctive differences between this model and the "K.O.G." model have been recreated, such as the head with radiating decorations resembling a crown, and the waist area with its skirt extended and buster unit removed. Adopting the new technology established in the semi-finished model "ABSOMEC (Absolute Mechanism)", the model is designed to be an easy-to-assemble and novel movable model. Size: Height approx. 273 mm, Width approx. 153 mm, Depth approx. 237 mm. Glue is required for assembly. Plastic is molded in gold, but unpainted. Photos show a painted model.