Aoshima The Model Car No. 12 BNR32 Skyline GT-R 1989 '89 1/24 Scale Model Kit

$ 28.95
SKU: 4905083061435
The BNR32 GT-R appeared as an additional model of the R32 Skyline, which made its debut as the "Super Sensation Skyline" in August 1989, when Japan was at the height of the bubble economy. It was born to win the Group A race at the All Japan Touring Car Championship (JTC), which was the highest peak of domestic touring car racing at the time, and the specially designed RB26DETT engine determined its displacement according to Group A regulations. These BNR32 Skyline GT-Rs won all races in the JTC, achieving the legendary 29 consecutive victories. Since the introduction of the BNR32, the race has become a GT-R one-make race, and from the street to the circuit, the BNR32 has become the champion in all stages and reigned as a historic car that rewrites the history of automobiles. This kit from Aoshima allows you to build a reproduction of this car in its catalog specifications; it includes an accurate duplication of the RB26DETT engine, Genuine aluminum, aero parts, and more. Window frame masking stickers are also included. Painting and adhesive required for assembly.