Argent Saga TCG Air Intro Deck

$ 17.95
by ARG
SKU: 850007497057
In Argent Saga, players take on the role of a Champion who leads an army of Units and casts powerful Spells to destroy their opponent’s five Towers of Power and ultimately taking over the sixth tower, the Argent Tower. New Champions can learn the basics of battle using Skyraiders and Airship Units, then use this Intro Deck as a base to build their own unique Deck with cards in future releases. To ensure Champions have the tools necessary to gain basic techniques and take their game to the next level the Intro Deck: Air includes the exclusive powerful addition of Greathawk Of Cloudsea. 2019 Intro Deck Air contains 57 Cards: -1 Champion Card -1 Spirit Card -40 Card Main Deck -10 basic Shards -5 Towers cards -1 Quick Start Guide -1 Paper Playmat with zones