Army Painter: Wargamer: Monster Fine Detail Paint Brush

$ 7.95
Type: Army Painter
SKU: 5713799700802
MONSTER CONTROL, MONSTER JOB - Unlike a sable brush that carries too much water and can drown your mini, this detail paint brush is made from the finest Toray synthetic hairs to release the paint slower while keeping a nice, accurate point MONSTER VALUE, MONSTER COVERAGE - Drybrush, stipple, fill in areas of monster models such as dragons, trolls, warmachines, 25-28mm scale vehicles and larger bits of terrain with a price-point that's more cost effective than expensive sable brushes MONSTER COMFORT - Handmade in Europe, this miniature paint brush has thicker than the normal round handle for an absolutely perfect grip and greater comfort than most brush handles MONSTER QUALITY - Won't fall apart or shed; easy to clean. Remains soft and retains its shape especially if you rinse the bristles and ferrule before reloading more paint. Prevent dried paint from stiffening your brush by removing the paint where ferrule meets the bristles.