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ArtBin Zerust Anti-Tarnish Box Large 4 compt.-Translucent Jewelry Storage Container, 6857AG


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FLAMBEAU - The answer for safely storing and preserving all of your sterling silver jewelry, beads and components. A special additive, exclusive to ArtBin has been molded directly into the dividers. The tarnish inhibiting additive in the dividers forms a protective layer around silver surfaces that prevents tarnishing for five years. Made of shatterproof, translucent polypropylene and is acid-free and resistant to oils, solvents and most chemicals. Features include no-spill latches, sturdy hinges and dividers for a variety of compartment capabilities. Made with a special additive exclusive to ArtBin. The additive forms a protective layer around metal surfaces that prevents tarnishing for 5 years. Safely store and preserve non-ferrous metals.
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