Bandai Animagear DE 02 - 1 Random Figure

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The second chapter of Animagear DE has been unleashed! Animagear are all small, articulated mini-kits consisting of a ton of exciting elements. While the fun of the Animagear series is still intact with the second season of figures, things have been added that allow the parts to be easily removed by hand without the need for tools, as well as the Twin Cross-Up System that allows two different Animagears to combine! In addition, a new "Base Head Part" is included to expand the scope of customization! Each unit comes with one piece of soda-flavoured gum. Note: Boxes contain 10 figures each, but there are 5 total for the lineup. Possible figures to collect include Drageas Xenoflame, Trans Mantiraid, Cerberu Garugeas, Rabbidol Frappale and Rabbidol Chocolathe.