Bandai Gundam RB-79K BALL 1/144 Scale Model Kit

$ 34.95
Type: Gundam
SKU: 4902425532868
Besides the regular TV broadcasts, Gundam's popularity has also spurred production of three "OVA" (Original Video Animation) series -- that is, shows that are released directly to video tape without ever seeing TV broadcasts. So far we've had "Gundam 0080" and "Gundam 0083." Now Sunrise (the company which produces Gundam) is cranking out "The 08th MS Team". Unlike the recent TV shows which have been set in some alternate Gundam universe unrelated to the original show and the "One Year War" featured in it, 08th MS Team is the One Year War. Featuring ground combat between Gundams and Zakus running around in jungles, it has quite a different, more claustrophobic feel from that of the space-based shows we've seen so much of lately. The ball -- a minor player to say the least -- was featured prominently in a unique battle scene in the first episode of the series in which the show's main character takes on a Zaku with just the ball.