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Bandai Hobby Figure-Rise MG Kamen Rider Accel 1/8 Scale Model Kit

Bandai Hobby

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From the live action Japanese television series, "Kamen Rider W", this model kit of Kamen Rider Accel has been recreated as an articulated easy to assemble model kit. Eyes are made with clear colored parts with silver reflective stickers on the under sides to simulate the jewel like properties of the eyes on the helmet. "Gaia memory" is detachable and can be set into "Maximum Drive". Can transform into motor bike form through use of part swapping and includes 2 stands. Hip joints rotate allowing smooth almost human like movement while rubber soles on the feet help keep the figure steady. The bicep muscle on the arm flexes and relaxes just like the human body. Engine blade can be opened to allow loading of engine memory. Live mode and Gadget mode forms of beetle included.
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