Bandai Legend BB Senshi #323 BB323 Huang Zhong Kouchuu Gundam SD Model Kit

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Type: Gundam
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Inspired by Huang Zhong from the Chinese literary classic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," Kouchuu Gundam is now a nicely detailed snap-fit plastic kit! He wields a sword and a bow that can be used as shoulder shields, and can also be attached to his back as cannons. This simple kit is molded in color and features polycap joints, detachable armor parts, and heel stamps with his name etched into both heels for you to stamp on anything you like when stamp dye (not included) is applied to the heels! Foil stickers are provided for detail so painting is not required, but would add a more realistic appearance to the final product. A full-color manga chapter drawn by PLEX Tatsuhiko Shimoda is also included (printed on the assembly instructions sheet).