Bandai Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei: God Sigma Gravion Metamor-Force Bariation Action Figure (PRE-ORDER May 2021)

$ 389.95
Type: Preorders
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PRE-ORDER: Expected to ship in May 2021 The latest item that is going to be released in 『METAMOR-FORCE "BARI"ATION』, the series featuring a full collaboration with Mr. Masami Obari, is the long-awaited【God Σ Gravion】piloted by Sandman! The toy comes with combination gimmick allowing【GranΣ】to combine with the Grandivas to form【God Σ Gravion】. Apart from various weapons, "Graviton Lancer" and "Divine Sword Balmung" for【GranΣ】are included. Clear parts and die-cast are generously used all over the body. It is possible to reproduce【Sol Σ GRAVION】by combining【GranΣ】and【METAMOR-FORCE "BARI"ATION "Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei" Sol Gravion】(sold separately). Moreover, Shake-hand part is included so that you can reproduce the famous scene of【Sol Σ GRAVION】and【God Gravion】shaking hands. Sentinel's【GOD Σ GRAVION】filled with love from Sandman, is finally completed!