Banpresto One Piece Super World Colosseum Vol. 1 Roronoa Zoro Figure

$ 39.95
Type: Statues
SKU: 045557266950
The highly praised Banpresto World Figure Colosseum is a tournament of artists who go head to head in design battle in a contest to be crowned champion! Carefully selected top modeling artists from around the world are invited to submit their designs that are voted upon by fans and judges. As all designers are master craftsmen, each figure submission is honored with their own limited time production! Claiming the crown as BWFC 2017 Champion in the One Piece category, the ultra detailed Roronoa Zoro created by renowned artist Noriyuki Yamaguchi made it to the top! With a figure size of 6.3 inches tall, this creation comes with his own supporting stand and base. Minor assembly required.