Blue Ribbon Beards Facial Hair Trimming Apron

$ 5.34
SKU: 853819006165
Make cleanup after shaving or trimming your facial hair a breeze. This trimming apron has a Velcro closure to comfortably fit any size neck, and 2 suction cups to attach to your mirror to create a fabric bowl to 'catch' all of the loose trimmings. Keep your clothes and sink clean. No more clogged drains, or loose hairs clinging to your clothes. When you are done trimming you can release the suction cups and take the mess right to the trash can. When fully unfolded the cloth measures 36 inches from the front of the neck closure to the end with the suction cups, and that end is 31 inches wide. Apron features a built in pocket, for easy storage. The apron can fold up and be stored in the pocket, with a convenient drawstring closure.