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Cosy Year Teddy Bear 2019 - Light Cream


The light-cream Cosy Year bear 2019 continues the success story of the Teddy Bears that has been inspiring joy for 115 years in different versions. It is a symbol of a happy childhood, offering love, safety and comfort. He is 34 cm tall and has the year 2019 printed on his right sole. He is dressed for celebration with a brown ribbon, which is permanently fastened to him. He is sure to win your heart and bring you luck in 2019. A wonderful gift idea for New Year's Day or to give remembrance or thanks for something very special Perhaps we should have called this bear “Mr. Versatility.” Why? Because he’s the one gift that is truly perfect for every occasion. From birthdays to holidays, from anniversaries to graduations, from from baby showers to weddings, our Cosy bear for the year 2019 is the ultimate gift for everyone — boys and girls, adults and children. No matter what milestone event you’re celebrating in 2019, our annual Cosy bear — complete with the year embroidered on the paw pad and wearing a brown satin ribbon — offers something for everyone. Featuring the world famous “Button in Ear” trademark, symbol of highest quality. From the company that invented that invented the Teddy Bear in 1902.
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