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Easy Disk Soft Catch Flying Frisbee Disc Game


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This flying disc is fun to use and can fly for more than 130 feet. It's a great toy for boys and girls to start off playing Frisbee, getting the hang of it and loosing the fear of catching the disc. Get your kids outdoors for some fun activities and exercise. This starter disc can be used for indoors as well. Gather your family and friends for a nice and soft ultimate Frisbee game. It's made from nylon material. Take your easy disk anywhere; to a picnic, a family reunion, the beach, the park, in the back yard or even indoors. This easy disk flies nicely through the air; it even works in wind and it floats. Its performance is almost like a pro disk. It helps to improve hand-eye coordination and keeps everybody on the move. The disk is suitable for outdoor play; its lightweight is safe to play and is made with durable material. This easy disk is not ideal for playing Frisbee golf but it's a great start for kids to play and learn how to play ultimate Frisbee. It's the perfect child disc because it's made out of soft cloth material and can also be used for your dog to play fetch. We at Funsparks are committed to providing the most imaginative toys, games and gadgets for you.
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