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Feisty Pets Mini Rascal Rampage the Raccoon Plush Interactive Keychain

William Mark

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Feisty Pets Minis are the latest line of fun and innovative toys from the creative minds at William Mark corporation- the creators of Air Swimmers! Each pet changes expression from cute to 'feisty' when you gently squeeze it behind the ears. All Feisty Pets Minis measure about 4" and are great for clipping to your purse or backpack! No batteries required! Show off your Feisty Pet's "stuffed attitude" wherever you go. Your trash is Rascal's treasure, and you will know it from that big smile on his face. Try putting a padlock on your dumpster, though, and you won't like Rascal's rampage! Likes: Junk food Burgling Your pantry Dislikes: Cat people The truth Your dog
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