Flesh & Blood: Crucible of Worlds

$ 99.95
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Factory-sealed booster box containing 24 packs of CRUCIBLE OF WAR expansion for FLESH & BLOOD TCG. Equip Your Hero, Prepare to Fight! Throw open the armories and turn up the forge, and rally your allies from near and far. Bring all your skill, luck, and your damn best gear to bear; as you’re plunged headfirst into the Crucible of War. Crucible of War is the third Flesh and Blood booster expansion released by Legend Story Studios. It is a supplementary booster set that introduces powerful weapons and equipment, and opens up new strategies and deck building options for all your favorite classes that will take Constructed formats to the next level! Crucible of War Boosters Overview Release date: August 28, 2020 Set code: CRU Cards in set: 198 cards total 103 Commons 56 Rares 36 Majestic 2 Legendary 1 Fabled