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Funko Hikari: Jiangshi Ghost Dark Magic Premium Vinyl Figure LTD 500

Funko Hikari: Jiangshi Ghost Dark Magic Premium Vinyl Figure LTD 500


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Skip, and jump for this incredible Jiangshi Ghost Dark Magic Sheriff Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure! Standing approximately 10 1/4-inches tall and featuring a chilling paint deco of blue and white, this Hikari Sofubi Vinyl figure is a limited edition of only 500 pieces. The Sheriff's head an hands feature a clear blue glitter deco and comes in a coffin-style display box. Add this classic hopping creature from Asian cinema and folklore to your collection! Ages 14 and up. Jiangshi are often referred to as Chinese 'vampires' or zombies. Literally meaning 'stiff corpse,' jiangshi were dressed in garments from the Qing Dynasty. They hopped around with their arms outstretched, killing living creatures by absorbing their life force - qi. Hong Kong films in the 1980s and 1990s gave these creatures of Chinese folklore a life of their own, and many different genres of movies (horror, martial arts, and even comedic) involved jiangshi. Jiangshi stories come from Chinese folklore of unattended corpses of family members that were separated from their families. In order to bring back that deceased family member, Taoist priests were brought in to resurrect the corpse to find its way home.
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