Good Smile Chitocerium XCIX-albere & C-efer Plastic Model Kit (PRE-ORDER: July 2021)

$ 65.95
SKU: 4580590135277
PRE-ORDER: Expected in July 2021 The innocent bipolar vessels. Presenting the fourth plastic model from Masaki Apsy×huke×Good Smile Company's plastic model series "chitocerium": XCIX-albere & C-efer Basic model planned by Masaki Apsy and designed by huke. The specially designed model features more articulation than ever seen before. The "fragment", comprised of two different models, and other included parts fit perfectly within the hexagonal box. Each model comes with three face plates—a standard face, a smiling face and a face with closed eyes. All parts are pre-painted/colored. Extra details can be added with included decals.