Great Eastern - Anime - Soul Eater Not! - Meme Tatane Plush, 8-inches

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Type: Plush
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Meme Tatane is a first-year meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy in the N.O.T Class curriculum. While appearing to be a ditzy airhead, she was revealed to be a subject to Shaula Gorgon's stronger forms of brainwashing methods; these gave her memory lapses and she served unknowingly as a possessed spy and traitor for both Shaula and the Witch Order. In addition, it's heavily implied from the anime and manga that she is also the mysterious individual known as Texas Mask. Meme later becomes the meister of Tsugumi Harudori along with her peers Anya Hepburn and Ao Hoshino. She is one of the protagonist in the Soul Eater spin-off, Soul Eater Not!.