Great Eastern - My Hero Academia - All Might and U.A. High School Logo 2-Piece Pin Set, 2-inches

$ 9.95
Type: Apparel
SKU: 699858508112
This awesome official My Hero Academia anime two piece pin set from Great Eastern features individual pins of All Might and the U.A. High School Logo. All Might, the Hero name for Toshinori Yagi, has the Quirk One For All which gives him access to nearly unlimited, stockpiled power. The U.A. High School Logo is the highly recognizable and respected iconic symbol of Japan's top Hero Academy. Made of Metal and Acrylics, these high quality pins also feature a butterfly clutch metal pin backing for securing each pin to whatever you choose. Each pin is approximately 2-inches tall, 1-inch wide and 0.25-inches deep with butterfly clutch backing attached. A great way for fans of the My Hero Academia franchise to place on backpacks, lapels, hats, lanyards or simply in your room to show your fandom! A great collectible!