Hasegawa 64004 MK04 Ma.K Maschinen Krieger P.K.H Nutcracker 1/35 Scale Model Kit

$ 72.95
SKU: 4967834640047
This machine is an unmanned large hover tank developed by the Star Defense Arm for AFS. It has a special heat-resistant ceramic armor that can withstand the mid-infrared laser attack from the enemy AFS, and the turret is a strong robotic cannon equipped with two 6 cm laser cannons. By defeating many enemy AFS (common name: peanuts) and raising battle results, it came to be called by the name of "nuts locker" from enemy ally. The kit faithfully reproduces the original model on 1/35 scale. The bottom hover part is three-dimensionalized the latest setting by supervision by Mr. Hiroshi Yokoyama. Mr. Miki Spikido is in charge of prototype production. The turret can be turned. Rotary laser movable type on the side of the turret. The hatch on the right side of the hover is made as a separate part, and the inner filler opening is reproduced. A smoke discharger is included as an option. Furthermore, "Gustaf" of the same scale and its evolved type "Melzine" are attached! The left arm allows selection of manipulator and excimer high power laser gun. Model kit requires paint and adhesive for assembly.