Hot Wheels Mega Hauler

$ 24.00
Type: Toys
SKU: 887961800517
​The Hot Wheels Mega Hauler is a massive hauler for big rig adventures with endless storytelling possibilities. At the back of this semi-trailer truck there is a ramp that comes down to connect to Hot Wheels City sets and track for side-by-side racing fun and building a world of wheels to explore. ​This massive hauler can be loaded with up to 50 cars in its six expandable levels—and that's just the beginning! The cab of the hauler opens with space to park 2 more vehicles and the cool transparent side panel slides down so kids can store their favorite rides in a special spot! ​This big rig is not just any hauler. It's really spacious with remarkable storage options for up to 50 cars and lots of surprising features that give kids hours of fun. It's the perfect gift for push-around play, building their collection, and taking their adventures on the road. ​