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International Soccer TeenyMates Figurines Mystery Pack - Series 1 (NEW)


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World Soccer TeenyMates are 1" collectible figures for 32 countries! Collect all 32 soccer figures, plus 4 rare, hard to find figures! Completed 35 piece puzzle features a mini poster on one side and a soccer field on the other. This is for 1 mystery pack One pack contains: - 2 player figures - 2 Puzzle Pieces Many international teams are represented and a 35 piece double sided puzzle can be completed. Approximately 1" Tall Each soccer figure is proudly displaying their country flag on the front of their jersey. Chance for one of four Rare Figures: United States Rare Figure (odds: 1 in 32 packs), Glow-In-The-Dark Rare Figure (odds: 1 in 64 packs), Camouflage Rare Figure (1 in 128 packs) and Metallic Gold Rare Figure (odds: 1 in 256 packs)
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