International Soccer TeenyMates Series Figurines Mystery Lot (32 packs)

$ 56.32
SKU: 733947691023
World Soccer TeenyMates are 1" collectible figures for 32 countries! Collect all 32 soccer figures, plus 4 rare, hard to find figures! Completed 35 piece puzzle features a mini poster on one side and a soccer field on the other. Each Gravity Box comes with 32 random World Soccer TeenyMates packets. Each packet contains two random TeenyMate figures and two random puzzle pieces. When completed, the puzzle creates a two-sided poster: one side being a soccer field to use with figures, the other side being a poster of all the figures offered in the set. There are four "Rare" figures that appear randomly in individual packets as well: United States Rare Figure (odds: 1 in 32 packets), Glow-In-The-Dark Rare Figure (odds: 1 in 64 packets), Camouflage Rare Figure (odds: 1 in 128 packets) and Metallic Gold Rare Figure (1 in 256 packets)