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Fisher-Price Imaginext Lion's Den Castle


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Bring young imaginations roaring to life! With this ferociously fierce castle that offers four levels of play and tons of activities, young knights-in-training will cross the threshold into a world of medieval adventure and fun! They can defend the Lion’s Den Castle against the evil dragon knights! Or they can be the attackers, firing disks at the castle to weaken its defenses. There are lights and sounds to add to the excitement – and surprises like a lion’s claw that can grab attackers and a lion that can be released on unsuspecting adversaries. It’s a battle royal that’ll keep little hands and minds engaged for hours! Kids are kings of the castle, ruling over all the action! Your little ones reign over all that happens at the Lion’s Den Castle! By turning disks, they can put the castle in “defense” mode, closing the lion’s mane and jaws to block entrance to the castle, grabbing attackers with the lion’s claw, releasing the lion and more. Or they can use the crossbow to fire at the castle. If they hit the shields, they can open the lion’s jaws and mane, collapse the tower and storm the castle! With so much to do, you can be sure that your kids’ fine motor skills will see lots of action, too. Discover the worlds of Imaginext, where the stories and the play never end! There’s no end to the stories and scenarios young adventurers will create for this castle, its staunch defenders and ferocious enemies. It’s all part of helping kids realize how powerful their imaginations can be in inventing new and exciting adventures every time they play. And by adding lights and sounds, their power to imagine grows even more!
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