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Jazzminton - The Paddle Game to Rule them All


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Funsparks Jazzminton: this is the racket game to rule them all. Play indoors or outdoors, without net. -------- for any age, adults, teens, 6+ all have great fun. -------- the magic of this game is that due to the spin of the birdies the game adjusts itself to the skill level and the mood of the players. So if you want to play slow and easy you have great fun or if you want to play hard and fast you will have a blast --------- the spin of the birdies makes it so different to any other racket game but combines the greatness of table tennis, tennis, badminton, speedminton and paddle ball. You can play slow and have a conversation. --------- we guarantee you have a great time and tons of fun -------- it is great for your hand-eye coordination and cardio. --------- you can play as near as 5 feet to 30 feet apart. --------- play at night by purchasing our patented LED Birdies see (Jazzminton Paddle Game LED Extra Birdies) --------- you can play sitting on a sofa or wherever you like. --------- play solo by hitting it straight up. --------- for advanced players use walls or any hard surface to bounce off the birdie, due to its light weight it break anything (within reason). --------- includes: 2 fluorescent paddles, high grade plywood and 4 birdies; 2 for slow play and 2 for fast. Feathers are glued to the birdie tip with special water-resistant glue so you can play in and around any water.
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